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Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce Director visit Sciphar Health Industrial Park

Time:2017-12-18 16:18Source:Sciphar The editor:Sciphar-ren Hits:
Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce Director visit Sciphar Health Industrial Park. Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce Director Zhao Runmin and his entourage to visit the Health Industrial Park and Shangzhou electric business service cente
Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce Director visit Sciphar Health Industrial Park
Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce Director visit Sciphar Health Industrial Park.

Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce Director Zhao Runmin and his entourage to visit the  Health Industrial Park and Shangzhou electric business service center research August 4, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce Director Zhao Runmin led the provincial Department of Commerce e-commerce and information director Wang Fahe, foreign trade Deputy Director Changli and his entourage to visit the  Health Industrial Park and Shangzhou District e-commerce service center to study the development of electricity industry, foreign trade and electricity business poverty alleviation work. Shangluo City Vice Mayor Zhou Xiucheng, Municipal Bureau of Commerce Fan Jianbo, Shangzhou District Government Mayor Li Xuguang accompanied by research. Shaanxi Sciphar Group Chairman Jin Xinkang accompanied and detailed report.
Sciphar Health Industry Park - invested and constructed by Shaanxi Sciphar Natural Products Co., Ltd., located in Jinghe Ecological Industrial Park, Shangzhou District, Shangluo City. Electric logistics park covers an area of 67 acres, green industry covers an area of 375 acres, the characteristics of agriculture covers an area of 12000 acres, is a two or three industrial integration of the development of large health industry park.

Shaanxi Sciphar Natural Products Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in "Internet + Special Agriculture + Big Health Industry", engaged in biomedicine, functional food, characteristic agriculture, e-commerce, electric business district, network technology, data Science and technology, education and training, cultural tourism and other business. The company has been rated as state-level e-commerce demonstration enterprises, state-level high-tech enterprises, advanced enterprises in Shaanxi Province to help poverty alleviation, industrial transformation and upgrading of Shaanxi Province demonstration enterprises, innovation and R & D center in Shaanxi Province, agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, recycling model enterprises The

At present, Shaanxi Sciphar has established a branch in Korea and Australia. Has 9 major categories of more than 500 varieties of national pharmaceutical GMP, food SC production license certification, through the EU EOS organic certification, the United States NOP organic certification, HALAL, KOSHER product certification, ISO9001 and ISO22000 quality management system certification, and HACCP food safety management System certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Achieved more than 100 national invention patents.

Shaanxi Sciphar play in the Internet big data advantages, vigorously develop the "Internet + agriculture", in the upper reaches of the industrial chain layout of modern agriculture, through cooperatives, demonstration parks, poor households to establish order-type production relations, the layout of the characteristics of agriculture in the province, Boost the regional agricultural industry structure optimization, cultivate the characteristics of new agricultural development of new energy. Agricultural products in the Sciphar large health industry park production into a large health products, products sold through the Internet to the rest of the world, and then according to market sales, the layout of the next round of characteristics of agricultural work to ensure that poor households have a clear market sales, out of a " Internet + characteristic agriculture + demonstration garden + poor households + big health industry "agriculture industry poverty alleviation closed-loop development model. This year, Shaanxi Sciphar and 105 poor villages in 12513 poor households reached a twin aid program, signed a 13,500 acres of Jerusalem artichoke planting agreement and 6840 acres of marigold purchase agreement, Sun Foo free of charge for poor households to issue genus horseradish seeds and Marigold seedlings, planting oil with peony, small grains, Chinese herbal medicines and other 5,000 acres, can directly drive more than 30,000 poor people to achieve poverty.

Sciphar company play in the talent, information, technology and other aspects of the advantages of resources, investment and construction and operation of the Xi'an Sciphar e-commerce innovation and entrepreneurship park, business district e-commerce incubator, is building Shangluo City Electronic Commerce Industrial Park, poor households, agriculture Enterprises, entrepreneurs and young people to provide targeted e-commerce skills training, agricultural technology training, industrial project docking training for the majority of e-commerce enterprises to provide capital, technology, personnel, logistics, office space and other services.

Shaanxi Sciphar to rely on large Internet data, to create a full network marketing model and the global network marketing system. Line, the company actively participate in international and domestic large-scale industry exhibition, in the United States Orlando, Anaheim, Switzerland, Geneva and other dozens of countries and regions for sale. Online, through the Sun Foy Yun business, Sciphar Health City, Yi Qinling, good planting and other self-built platform and Alibaba domestic station, Alibaba International Station platform, products and services sold to 65 countries and regions in the world 96000 Multiple customers.

In the provincial Department of Commerce and the municipal and district government departments at all levels of the strong support of the Mori Health Industrial Park has been identified as the provincial catch up beyond the project and Shaanxi Province, plant extracts foreign trade import and export industrial base.

Shangzhou District e - commerce service center - by the state - level e - commerce demonstration enterprises in Shaanxi Sciphar investment construction and operation. Base to incubate the enterprise, cultivate talents for the purpose of poor households, entrepreneurship and other targeted e-commerce skills training, and provide funds, technology, consulting and personnel, logistics, office space and other services.
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